Get to Know Parisa Lotfi, M.D.

Dr. Lotfi is Connecticut Breast Imaging’s New Director of Breast Imaging at the new flagship office in Brookfield, CT  Parisa Lotfi, M.D. joined Connecticut Breast Imaging after an extensive career in breast imaging in Boston, working at Harvard-affiliated hospitals. As the new Director of Breast Imaging, she brings a wealth of experience to the role. Learn […]

Seeing Pink Should Make You Think: “It’s Time to Get a Mammogram”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We recommend annual screening mammograms in all women of average risk starting at 40. Screening mammograms save lives. Know the Facts One in eight American women (13%) will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. For women in the U.S., breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer. Breast Cancer […]

Breast Cancer Myths

Connecticut Breast Imaging Provides Clear Answers on Six Common Misconceptions Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women (after skin cancer) in the United States, according to the National Cancer Institute, with over 290,000 new cases expected to be diagnosed this year. While these statistics certainly sound scary, the good news is […]

What is a Women’s Imaging Center?

A women’s imaging center offers a variety of diagnostic tests that are specific to women’s health. Because women have different body structures and health concerns than men, an imaging center that focuses on the female anatomy, emotional and psychological constitution of women is a wonderful concept. By providing a variety of different breast, bone, and […]

Uncommon Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Brought to you by Connecticut Breast Imaging Regular breast self-examinations can detect abnormalities, and mammograms can provide images that detect breast tissue changes. This is why regular mammography screenings are recommended for all women starting at age 40. While these tests are the most effective ways to discover disease early, breast cancer doesn’t always begin […]

Insulin Resistance, Body Fat, and Breast Cancer

Two of the most prominent factors linked to breast cancer in women are insulin resistance and excess adipose tissue, also known as body fat. What is Insulin Resistance? Insulin is a hormone created in the pancreas that regulates blood sugar (glucose) levels in your body. It controls the amount of energy you put in and […]

Five Keys to Success for Women Runners

RLAM Running Success

Brought to you by Connecticut Breast Imaging Running is an excellent way to stay healthy and active, control your weight and keep your body strong. However, avoiding injury is crucial. Connecticut Breast Imaging suggests reviewing these five key areas to help you stay safe and injury-free when running. Hydration Hydration is a key, and often […]

The Benefits of Green Tea for Breast Cancer Patients


Connecticut Breast Imaging is dedicated to caring for each patient throughout a cancer journey, from initial testing and diagnosis through treatment and recovery. A healthy diet and consumption of foods that may boost their immune system and overall health is a crucial part of the journey. We like to share information, such as this article […]

The Breast Cancer Gene: BRCA

Genes are pieces of our DNA that code for individual traits. We get one set of genes from each of our biological parents. While genes determine our physical traits, like the color of our hair or eyes, they also determine other characteristics. Genes are responsible for our blood type, immune system capabilities, and the general […]

How to Perform a Self-Breast Exam


A breast self examination (BSE) is a self-screening method that allows you to check for breast lumps from the comfort of your home. As the one who knows your own body best, you can be your own best advocate for good breast health. A self-breast examination can help screen and check for: Abnormalities including masses or […]