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Where You Choose to Have Your Mammogram
Can Make All The Difference

Not all mammograms are the same. There are differences in the equipment technology, the expertise and training of the radiologists and the personal approach of the radiology team.

Connecticut Breast Imaging offers advanced mammography — techniques not always available at other imaging centers. We are 100% specialized in breast imaging services which offers many advantages when compared to a general radiology practice.

From Screening to Biopsy

Connecticut Breast Imaging offers the full spectrum of imaging techniques for detecting and diagnosing breast cancer, using the most advanced technology and expert interpretation by specialty trained breast imaging radiologists. Our services include 3D Mammography, Breast Ultrasound, and Breast Biopsy.

We know how stressful it can be to undergo a screening mammogram, especially when additional imaging or biopsies are recommended. If additional testing is indicated, we are committed to providing all additional studies and care at the time of your appointment. 

Also, patients arriving for their screening mammogram or ultrasound appointment at our Riverview office may be offered the opportunity to wait and discuss their results with the radiologist. If an abnormality is noted, we will perform all additional imaging and interventions immediately and discuss these results with you.  

3D Mammography

Three-dimensional (3D) mammography, also called digital breast tomosynthesis, is an advanced form of breast imaging…

Breast Ultrasound

Breast ultrasound uses sound waves to evaluate the structures in the breast. No radiation is involved…

Breast Biopsy

Percutaneous core biopsies can be performed using mammogram or ultrasound guidance…

Facts You Need To Know Ahead

Our Radiologists
Read All Exams

Our fellowship-trained and highly qualified breast radiologists are committed to performing a thorough review of every single mammogram and ultrasound exam (including yours), and communicate with you and your ordering physician promptly.

We Provide
Quality Care

Patients should feel comfortable knowing they are receiving the highest quality care. Our goal is to make your exam as pleasant as possible; our caring staff reflects this commitment every step of the way.

Our Radiologists
Are Always Available

Be confident that we don't compromise on quality. We provide you with personal consultation services and are there for you when you need us.