3D Mammography

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

Digital breast tomosynthesis, also called three-dimensional (3D) mammography, is an advanced form of breast imaging or mammography that uses low-dose x-rays and computer reconstructions to create three-dimensional images of the breasts, providing a clearer picture for radiologists to see abnormalities.

While most screening mammograms are normal, a few patients are called back for a screening recall to further examine a suspicious finding. Patients are asked to return for additional imaging and in some rare instances, a biopsy is recommended.

Patients who are called back are offered the opportunity to speak with a radiologist. Although most screening recalls are ultimately considered normal, a small percentage of patients will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Statistically, only 4-to-7 screening mammograms in 1,000 lead to a diagnosis of breast cancer.

For many, this process of recall and additional imaging is stressful. But rest assured that our compassionate staff is here for you, walking you through each step of the way and helping prepare you for your mammogram.

Benefits of 3D Mammography

Screening mammography with breast tomosynthesis has been shown to reduce false positives in those of all breast densities by nearly 40%. It also improves cancer detection rates by 30% when compared to 2D mammography. The greatest reductions in recall rates are in those with dense breast tissue. However, individuals with non-dense breasts also benefit from better cancer detection and fewer false positives when tomosynthesis is used.

 At Connecticut Breast Imaging, all patients are offered screening with digital breast tomosynthesis, regardless of age or breast density. This helps decrease the rate of unnecessary callbacks and aids in detecting cancers more accurately.

Is 3D Imaging Better for Mammograms?

A recent study found that compared to 2D mammograms, 3D mammograms offer fewer false positives and are more effective in women aged 65 and older. The research was published online on April 2 by the Radiology journal.

Why Choose Us?

We know how stressful it can be to undergo a mammogram.  

After being told that your results are inconclusive and you must return at another time for additional testing, the last thing you want to do is sit around waiting for further testing.  That’s why we offer all additional testing at your appointment.

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