Cancer Risk Assessment

At Connecticut Breast Imaging, we also provide patients with a cancer risk assessment. 

Age is one of the factors. Some will be diagnosed with cancer as they grow older, while others are diagnosed with cancer due to genetic mutations.

Another major factor is family history. Individuals with blood relatives (mother, sister, or daughter) who have been diagnosed with cancer stand a higher chance of getting cancer. Family history concerns include early-onset cancers or multiple cancers in the family.

The use of radiation therapy in the chest or breast area, and reproductive history are other factors that increase a person’s chances of getting cancer.

Genetic Counseling

If you or a close relative has had cancer, you may be concerned about your risk for future cancers and what you can do to reduce that risk. You may also wonder if your siblings, children or other relatives are at risk. Genetic counseling can help answer these questions. We have a strong partnership with the genetics counselors at Nuvance Health, and can help facilitate appointments as needed.

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