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July 21, 2023

Connecticut Breast Imaging’s Busy Spring: A Season of Advancements and Community Engagement

CBI Spring EventAs the chilly winter months gave way to the vibrant blossoms of spring, Connecticut Breast Imaging embarked on a whirlwind of activities, driven by their commitment to providing exceptional breast healthcare and raising awareness about breast cancer and breast cancer risks. With a focus on innovation, patient care, and community engagement, Connecticut Breast Imaging embraced the season with open arms, making significant strides in building community awareness of their breast imaging expertise and technology, and fostering a sense of togetherness within their community.

Connecticut Breast Imaging has always been at the forefront of breast imaging technology, striving to enhance accuracy and early detection rates. With state-of-the-art equipment that revolutionizes the way breast health is  diagnosed and monitored including incorporating 3D mammography and advanced ultrasound systems, Connecticut Breast Imaging is the area’s leader in detecting breast cancer at its earliest stages, thus ensuring better outcomes for their patients.

These cutting-edge technologies allow radiologists at CBI to examine breast tissue with unprecedented precision, reducing false-positive results and unnecessary biopsies. By investing in the latest advancements, CBI continues to reinforce its commitment to delivering accurate diagnoses and comprehensive care to women throughout Connecticut and ups.

Beyond their clinical endeavors, CBI actively engaged with the local community to promote breast health awareness and encourage proactive healthcare practices. This spring, CBI organized and participated in several programs, sponsoring Ridgefield Running Company’s annual “Run Like a Mother” 5K race, hosting an event called “Mammos for Mom” –  a drop in mammogram event at their new Brookfield location, hosting a i95 radio broadcast in the parking lot of the Brookfield location with Connecticut Breast Imaging swag and snacks AND, promoting a HUGE free raffle for a chance to win a brand-new Breville espresso machine.

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