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November 18, 2021

How Do You Choose a Breast Imaging Center?

How Do I Pick My Radiologist?

A big question for patients is how do I pick a breast facility and a specialty-trained radiologist to interpret my exam? What should I look for? According to Connecticut Breast Imaging Breast Specialist, Dr. Jaime Szarmach, technology is important. “You can only see what your equipment will let you see.” Dr. Szarmach recommends looking for a center that has Tomosynthesis, also known as 3-D Mammography.

Highly Trained Breast Imaging Radiologists Read Your Tests

Dr. Szarmach continues, “In addition to the technology, it’s important to have someone who is extremely qualified to read and interpret the images. Ask if the physician is fellowship-trained in breast imaging, as these specialists have the most experience in the field and will be the best at catching potential issues on a mammogram. They will also be able to dismiss things as normal that might have been questioned by a less experienced physician.”

Consider the Continuum of Care

In addition to offering state-of-the-art technology and physician expertise, making sure that the facility not only does imaging but also performs biopsies or has surgeons on staff who do in case the need arises, is key. Ideally, patients should seek the best facility that can provide a continuum of care, from your first scan to your last treatment.

Listen Up

Connecticut Breast Imaging (formerly Connecticut Women’s Imaging), has recently launched a new podcast: Breast Assured: Conversations About Breast Health. The podcast discusses how to choose a breast center and addresses key topics around breast health. Breast Assured’s goal is to be the reassuring and intelligent resource that’s often missing for people as they go through a diagnostic and treatment process.

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